About us

As a top tier provider dedicated to excellent customer service, Volunteer Loans continues to break new grounds in coming to the rescue of thousands of UK customers that have been denied loans on the basis of the status of their credit score. We are of the opinion that ups and downs are part of life and that there are times when an individual might miss a payment or two due to unforeseeable circumstances. For this reason, we honestly believe that a person should not be forever punished for financial mistakes they made in their past whether knowing or unknowingly. In that spirit, we have carved a niche for ourselves as the most reliable UK logbook loan provider in the market.

We simply do not discriminate against you based on your credit score status or lack of thereof. We take the needs of our customers seriously and we are foremost about creating long term relationships and secondly, business. That is why we endeavor to give our customers proper financial advice and guide them properly before according them our affordable logbook loans. To us, it matters that you are happy with our services and that is why the number of times you’ve been rejected before is not an issue for us. Our affordable logbook loan products are for everyone and we can assure you that we care about you as our customer. Apply today for a logbook loan with us and you will never regret your decision.