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In the grand scheme of things, nothing is more saddening and unfortunate than the idea of being denied cash when you urgently need it simply because your credit score is in the doldrums. It is, in simple terms, a situation that no one would want to experience ever. That being said, thousands of United Kingdom citizens with a poor credit rating continue to be restless every time they think of applying for an emergency loan because of the status of their credit score. The hesitation, anxiety or even feelings of inadequacy can be traced to the years when credit score was the ultimate decider as to whether a person got approved for a simple phone contract or an emergency loan.

Back in the day, UK individuals with a less than stellar credit score bore the brunt of incessant rejections and receiving second class treatment every time they sought for an emergency loan. In fact, a simple credit check and their application will be thrown out to the dust bin. If you went through your fair share of rejections in this manner, you will agree with me that the introduction of logbook loans was in no uncertain terms, the heralding of a new era. It was, in retrospect, a game changer in the way UK individuals with a poor credit score applied for and were approved for an emergency loan.

As a modern and dynamic provider, we did not want to lose out on this great opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of UK citizens with a poor credit rating. For this reason, Volunteer Loans has been leading by example and has over the years been a provider of choice for individuals seeking for affordable logbook loans within the UK. We honestly believe that service to humanity is service to God and for this reason, our personnel have been working tirelessly to ensure that our thousands of customers not only get approved within the shortest time but that they also make a decision that is well researched and informed. In light of this, if you are thinking of applying for a logbook loan, you probably have tinkered with the question “what are logbook loans?”

A logbook loan is in simple terms a special type of loan that is secured with a car. In essence, in order for you to be approved for a logbook loan, you need to sign over your car V5 document (car logbook) to your lender for the duration of the loan. You sign a bill of sale document that simply specifies that the car is now the temporal property of the lender and should you be unable to meet your loan obligation, the lender has the legal right to repossess your car. On the brighter side though, you continue making use of the car as you repay the loan unless you fall back in payment and your lender repossesses it.

As Volunteer Loans, we understand that thousands of UK individuals tend to make irrational decisions especially when they are desperate for cash. For this reason, we liaise with such credible and respected partners such as Money Advice to ensure that our respected customers make an informed decision when it comes to logbook loans. We are honest and put everything on the table with the sole aim of ensuring that our customers make the right decision when taking out our logbook loan products. We fully believe that a satisfied customer is the reason we have been a credible and top tier logbook loan provider in the UK for all these years.


The one thing that distinguishes us from other UK logbook loan providers is the fact that we take our customers seriously and this explains why our approval process is the fastest in the market. Generally, we do aspire to approve applications within 24 hours provided that we have received all the required documentation.